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About Desert Glass Works

DGW was established January of 1986 in Mesa, AZ. to supply quality Quartzware to the Semiconductor
Industry. DGW moved to Colorado Springs, CO in late 1987 into a 19,000 square foot facility.

Our customer base is varied now and includes companies in the Semiconductor Industry but also in the Photovoltaic, Communication, Aerospace, Environmental, Medical and Research Industries.

We are a primary Quartzware supplier for a number of OEM's including Akrion Systems, Promac
Semiconductor Products, Cleaning Technologies, Marteq Process Solutions and Blackstone Ney.

Quartzware fabrication is really and art, requiring extensively trained and talented individuals. We
employ a highly motivated, results oriented staff committed to meeting our customers' needs. DGW
has created a culture of quality and service, our staff is available 24/7 to better meet your special needs.

DGW provides innovative custom solutions by using a balanced approach between in house engineering and experienced fabricators allowing us to assist our customers with design, performance and /or Quartzware related process problems.

We offer a Repair Service. Parts large or small can be repaired/ restored to as close as possible to
the original OEMs' specifications. The repair process is normally quicker and costs much less than
purchasing new parts.

Our Machining Department, using our six milling machines, can produce parts with unusual profiles and tight tolerance threaded parts and drilled holes as small as 0.040". The Lathe Departments' capability ranges from smaller than 1" to 20" diameter. Our facility is equipped with 25 computer controlled annealing ovens to provide quicker production cycle times.

DGW's Quality Assurance program has 100% responsibility for all fabricated parts. Our QA program
includes inspections for all incoming raw materials and in-process checks as required. All out-going
items receive a, final inspection for dimensional accuracy and cosmetic requirements. A detailed
Certificate of Inspection can be provided for each completed part.

Imagine, realizing a huge cost savings by partnering with a DIRECT Quartzware fabricator.

DGW is committed to meeting our customers' requirements and striving to exceed their expectations by
continually improving our products and processes.


"A Quality Solution to Your Quartz Needs" | Est. 1986