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We make Quartzware for:

Wet Etch Systems

Tanks: Megasonic, Ultrasonic, Preweigh, Rinse, Quick Dump and Heated Systems Carriers, Dispersion Plates, Grippers, End Effectors, Heater Modules, N2 Tubes, Collars, Lids

Horizontal Diffusion

Tubes, Boats, Baffles, Injectors, Steam Torches, TC Sheaths

Vertical Diffusion

Tubes, Liners, Boats, Pedestals, Spacers

Closed Diffusion

Capsules, Ampules, Plugs, Push/Pull Rods

RTA Systems

Tubes, Dispersion Plates, Trays, Elbows, Pins

Epi Systems

Process Chambers, Tubes, Bell Jars, carriesrs, Purge Baffles

Plasma Etch

Bell Jars, Chambers, Injectors


Quartz Vacuum Pick-up Wands, Threaded Fittings

Please contact us if you would like more information at info@dgw.com or call us at 719.635.9006


Quartz can be repaired!

Parts large or small, from carriers to cassettes, heat exchangers to epi items, pins to pedestals,
tubes to tanks and much more will be repaired and restored to as close as possible to OEM specs.

Quartz Lathe Work | Capacity: From 1 to 20 inch diameter, using Quartz torches were required.

Quartz Machining | Profiling, Threading (Internal and External), Drilling holes from 0.040" diameter.

Quartz Etching | Using Hydrofluoric Acid

Glass Sandblasting | Unique sizes and shapes

Quartz Cleaning | Certified Triple Bagged Clean Room Ready

We are a primary Quartzware supplier for a number of OEM's including:

Akrion Systems (Santa Clara Plastics, Verteq, Steag Micro Tech, ASM), Promac Semiconductor Products, Cleaning Technologies, Marteq Process Solutions, Blackstone Ney, Advanced Energy and
Ace Co Precession to name a few.


"A Quality Solution to Your Quartz Needs" | Est. 1986